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Spork Foods Holiday Gift Guide!

We put together a list of some of our favorite vegan goodies to give to your friends and family this Holiday season. ¬†Shopping compassionately, and ethically…


Vegan wedding planning in LA! Our advice to you, locations, dress and food, we have you covered!

As two vegan sisters who got married in LA, you can be sure that we did our research! We wanted to share some little gems of…


Spork Foods TV segment on Extra!

Sporkies! It’s not everyday that you get to talk about vegan and gluten-free dishes to 4.5 million people, but we had the honor of doing so…


Carmo Restaurant – New Orleans!

When you find yourself in the Big Easy, you also find yourself in the land of deep fried and meaty. ¬†At Carmo, we discovered some delicious,…