Owners & Chef Sisters of Spork Foods – Living Vegan in Style!


Spork Foods Press Shot

Hello! We’re sisters Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg – long time vegans, owners and cooking instructors of Spork Foods in Los Angeles. In our kitchen, first and foremost the food must be delicious, innovative, and emphasizes organic, local, and seasonal ingredients.  Through our blog, we want to share some of our favorite recipes and information on living a vegan life – with some style! We like to bring our modern, LA twist to the vegan life and we love showing people new, exciting ways of eating and living.

Through our company, Spork Foods, we offer organic vegan cooking classes, in-home healthy eating consultations, private cooking parties, corporate trainings and demos, team-building cooking classes and more.

We even wrote a cookbook, Spork-Fed, to inspire people to have fun in the kitchen, while preparing your delicious vegan cuisine!

We’ve been vegan for over 14 years and originally had our eyes opened to veganism while studying Environmental Studies in college.  There we learned about the impact that our food choices have on the environment and how animals are being raised for meat and dairy.  Once you look into the reality of where our food comes from – it makes you want to go vegan and stick with it! We are driven every day by showing people that you can eat vegan foods and live a vegan life without harming a soul – and without giving up all of the tastes and textures you crave.



Jenny and Heather, Your Sporkies



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